Antigua Vil­lages Tour”    Q450 p/p

This tour will take us on the high­way for a bit to reach the town of San Anto­nio Aguas Calientes.  We will vis­it the town square and the local tex­tile mar­ket.  There we will get to vis­it the tex­tile muse­um and see the tra­di­tion­al mayan out­fits of local vil­lagers around Sacate­pe­quez.  On our way back we will go to Ciu­dad Vie­ja  (the first cap­i­tal of Guatemala) and pass by vis­it­ing the towns of San Miguel Esco­bar, San Pedro de las Huer­tas, until reach­ing the indige­nous town of San­ta Maria de Jesus at the base of the Agua vol­cano. We fin­ish off vis­it­ing Earth Lodge at El Hato on the oppo­site end of the val­ley.  Once in El Hato we take a short hike down to “Earth Lodge” to enjoy the views, relax on the ham­mocks, and grab some food and drinks.  Last stop is down the moun­tain to “El Cer­ro de la Cruz” where we can get a birds-eye-view of Antigua.


¨Antigua Sun­set Tour¨  Q420 p/p

Our first stop is ¨Earth Lodge¨ an Avo­ca­do plan­ta­tion and ECO lodge found in the moun­tain vil­lage of El Hato. After vis­it­ing this mar­velous place we head down the moun­tain and stop at Antiguas look­out point ¨El Cer­ro de la Cruz¨.  After get­ting a close up aer­i­al view of the colo­nial city we head to the mid­dle of the val­ley to El Cer­ro de San Cristo­bal el Alto.  A local Gar­den-to-Table restau­rant with an organ­ic gar­den, avo­ca­do plan­ta­tion, orchid green­house and ohh yeah BEST VIEWS IN ANTIGUA.  You  can enjoy a cof­fee, snack, meal or bev­er­age while watch­ing the sun­set over the moun­tains and see the lights of Antigua come to life.  Once we are fin­ished, we head back down the moun­tain in the dusk and make our way back to our start­ing point of depar­ture.


¨Antigua Moun­tain Tour¨   Q470 P/P

The first stop on this tour is the best view of the val­ley locat­ed at  El Cer­ro de San Cristo­bal.  There we  vis­it an avo­ca­do plan­taion and gar­den to table themed restau­rant.  While at the plan­ta­tion you can enjoy a refresh­ment or snack with the BEST view in Antigua.  Once we are done we will cross the city and head over to the moun­tain of El Hato locat­ed on the oppo­site side of the val­ley. Our first stop will be ¨Hob­bite­nan­go¨ a lord of the rings theme Eco Lodge.  Here we will go up the hill and sight­see, enjoy great views and var­i­ous activ­i­ties.  Our third stop is “Earth Lodge” this is the tuffest part of the tour requir­ing us to go 300mts hike down the moun­tain to enjoy the views, relax on the ham­mocks, and grab lunch.  Last stop is down the moun­tain to “El Cer­ro de la Cruz” where we can get a birds-eye-view of Antigua.


 Antigua Vil­lages Tour       Dai­ly            9:00 A.M.

Antigua Moun­tain Tour     Dai­ly             9:00 A.M.

Antigua Sun­set Tour         Dai­ly            3:00 P.M.


Earth Lodge”

Leg­endary home cooked meals, one of the best views in Guatemala, a relaxed atmos­phere, clean and com­fort­able rooms, fried­ly staff.  Whether you’re an out­doors enthu­si­ast or a couch pota­to, Earth Lodge has plen­ty to keep you enter­tained.

Santa Maria de Jesus”

Is a munic­i­pal­i­ty in the depart­ment of Sacate­pe­quez about 10km from  Antigua Guatemala.  It is locat­ed under the slopes of Vol­can de Agua.  This town has a height of 2,070 meters above sea lev­el.  Its cen­tral square has a tem­ple built in the sev­en­teenth cen­tu­ry with a carved entry arch.  One of the most indige­nous vil­lages around Antigua where Span­ish and Kaqchikel (the local lan­guage) are spo­ken.


Cerro de San Cristobal”

Cer­ro de San Cristo­bal is an organ­ic farm on a hill­top about 10 min­utes from cen­tral park Antigua.  It has a spec­tac­u­lar view of the colo­nial city and the Pan­choy Val­ley.  The menu is based on the fresh­est pro­duce from their gar­den.  The house spe­cial­ty is the gar­den-to-table sal­ad, picked fresh when you order.  Their most­ly veg­e­tar­i­an menu, with gourmet raw-food and pescatar­i­an dish­es.


Hob­bite­nan­go es un pueblo de ensueño, con­stru­i­do por dos famil­ias que bus­can crear y vivir en armonía con la nat­u­raleza. Ubi­ca­do en lo alto de una mon­taña en las afueras de Antigua, Guatemala, gozamos de vis­tas impre­sio­n­antes del valle de Pan­choy y de nue­stros veci­nos cer­canos, los vol­canes.

Finca La Azotea”

La Azotea is a small cof­fee plan­ta­tion locat­ed on the out­skirts of Antigua. A nature trail leads vis­i­tors from the muse­um com­plex to the farm’s nurs­eries.  Fr0m there you can walk through the shade cov­ered plan­ta­tion observ­ing cof­fee plants in their dif­fer­ent stages of growth.  The dif­fer­ent process of plant­i­ng and han­dling cof­fee are labeled in each sec­tion for a bet­ter under­stand­ing of the com­plex man­age­ment required for grow­ing the high qual­i­ty cof­fee for which Antigua is famous

Antigua Churches”

Vis­it­ing Antigua is like step­ping into a time-machine that takes you back over 300 years.  This city is dec­o­rat­ed with remark­able old build­ings.  It is curi­ous to find so many reli­gious build­ings between such short dis­tances from one anoth­er, but there is a dif­fer­ence in each one of them.  Antigua has a wide vari­ety of them.  Antigua used to be the main city of Cen­tral Amer­i­ca at one point in his­to­ry and it is now the most impor­tant tourist cen­ter in Guatemala.  It was found­ed by the Span­ish in the 16th cen­tu­ry and served as the cap­i­tal city of Cen­tral Amer­i­ca for over two cen­turies.  That is why the region’s archi­tec­ture has a Euro­pean style from the colo­nial times.  You def­i­nite­ly don’t want to miss the amaz­ing church­es in Antigua, many of them had been dam­aged because of the seis­mic activ­i­ty of the region that is reg­u­lar­ly rocked by earth­quakes because it is locat­ed in between three vol­ca­noes: Fuego, Agua, and Aca­te­nan­go.


*** Tours can be done by mix­ing mul­ti­ple vehi­cles


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