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Vulcano board prototypes

David re-inforcing his vul­cano surf board with safe plate skin

Fredy focused on vul­cano sledges instead

All tools came out when it was time to fig­ure out the foot­ing
By sun­set David felt con­fi­dent these sticks drilled in place would be enough to steer with.

Fin­ished safe surf board for Aca­te­nango
The sign didn’t get to tag along

Acatenango sky race opening

Next Race : Thurs­day 5 March 2015. Vol­cano board­ing

After a few races up Aca­te­nango to estab­lish the dif­fer­ent safety gath­er­ing spots and estab­lish the first time to beat, we are now going up on thurs­day to try our vol­cano board prototypes